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Ten tiny fingers

Ten tiny fingers Ten tiny toes Two little eyes And one little nose A beautiful smile Curly blonde hair A perfect angel Just standing there A blank slate For me to mold A little girl For me to hold She watches my every move Sure not to miss a beat I can’t believe I am… Read More »

Here I lie safe in my little bed

Here I lie safe in my little bed My small hands tucked under my head I sleep so content in my growing love Knowing that my parents are standing above watching out for me so that I can grow They love me so much, this I surely know When I open my eyes, first thing… Read More »

I love your brown eyes

I love your brown eyes I love your button nose I love your messy morning hair and your teeny, tiny toes I love your big bright smile and your little pearly whites I love your pointy chin and your silky smooth skin I love your long little fingers and your chubby little cheeks I love… Read More »

I never knew I could love so much

I never knew I could love so much until the day I felt your touch I softly kissed your tiny cheek and from under your lashes I saw you peek Your beautiful eyes so small and blue my sweet little baby just brand new I cannot wait to watch you grow from your little head… Read More »

Hey baby boy

Hey baby boy You bring me joy Every time I look at you All the little things you do I’m so glad God gave me you I wake every morning just to look in your eyes Every single morning I get a different surprise I pray everyday that God blesses us both But I pray… Read More »

I have a baby girl

I have a baby girl who is my shinning light She is my morning star that makes my world so bright When she sees me she greets me with a hug She curls up so tiny like a little bug Shes full of smiles and laughs and giggles galore It breaks your heart when she… Read More »

New life a little baby a little star

New life a little baby a little star The world awaits you near and far With guidance and loving care That will keep you safe and happy there There’s family to meet Pets and friends to greet A long path with us you’ll share We’ll always be happy to meet you there Life experiences will… Read More »

Such a pretty stranger

Such a pretty stranger Precious like an angel Tiny fingers of gold Looks like her mommy’s mold With a small button nose Her daddy’s little toes She has platinum blonde hair So bright you can’t stare Skin silky as a dream Carrying the color cream Her lips show a little quiver As her body holds… Read More »

Sent straight from heaven up above

Sent straight from heaven up above Came an angel for me to love To hold and rock and kiss good night To wrap my arms around real tight To cuddle and nurture and watch him play To kiss his boo-boo’s all away To keep him safe and warm and count all his toes To hold… Read More »

Daddy’s little angel

When you were born you filled my heart with pride And I was overcome by the joy I felt inside As I held you in my arms that very first day I knew I would never let any harm come your way With your tiny little hands and tiny little feet Every time I look… Read More »